“Living our purpose doesn’t require ideal circumstances, it requires us to aim for our ideal, in less than ideal circumstances.”

Brian is a certified executive coach and trainer, working across a variety of industries. He became an executive coach and trainer to share his many years of experience as athlete, sports coach and multi-cultural business executive, with those interested in excelling at their work while maintaining a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Results are a reflection of the choices we make, which are generally based on what we consider important at the time. Too often, what we deem important is driven by immediate demands and not long-term desired outcomes. Brian’s mission is to help business executives and salespeople excel in their roles, in the short and long-term.

Prior to his current roles, Brian was Business Development Director and Responsible Officer for a hedge fund management firm, where he was Responsible for Type 1, Type 4 and Type 9 Investment Regulated Activities. He has been involved in the hedge fund industry for much of the past 20 years and was Co-Founder/Executive Director for a Hedge Fund company. Brian has written many financial publications and is well respected within the financial sector. Brian’s coaching assignments tend to be with financial executives, salespeople and entrepreneurs. His belief is that every successful leader needs to think like an entrepreneur and master themselves and the art of influencing, while maintaining their health and focus on the long-term holistic results they want to achieve.

His areas of expertise include:

• Executive coaching
• Leadership development
• Sales Training
• Executive Training
• Health and wellbeing

Brian has achieved an Advanced Certificate of Professional Coaching from Transcend International Group and also Level 1 “Accreditation in Executive Coaching” from Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (Aus). He holds level 2 squash coaching certification, personal training certification and has held a professional squash ranking. Brian has been a resident of Hong Kong for 26 years.

Originally from Canada, Brian holds Licenses from the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong and has taken part in extensive training in coaching, consultative selling, strategy, conflict resolution and negotiation, and leadership development.