What does the best 'you' look like?

Of what use is a roadmap if we don’t know where we are going?

How do we make use of advice if we don’t understand what the problem is? 

The world is full of great advice: self-help books, management and leadership techniques, the must-read lists of billionaires, podcasts, friends, family, etc. We are forever being instructed on how to live an ideal life, be it an ideal leader, manager, salesperson or person. The challenge is to understand how all this knowledge relates to our unique circumstances.

To achieve this, we need the brain furniture to sit these ideas upon. Among other things, brain furniture is the understanding of who we are and where we are going. When this is clear, we will know what help we need to get there.

The Brain Furniture offers unique programs and coaching for leaders, managers, salespeople and individuals.

Meet Brian MacDougall

Brian is a certified executive coach and trainer, working across a variety of industries. He became an executive coach and trainer to share his many years of experience as multi-cultural business executive (finance and entrepreneurship), athlete and sports coach, with those interested in excelling at their work while maintaining a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. Results are a reflection of the choices we make, which are generally based on what we consider important at the time. Too often, what we deem important is driven by immediate demands and not long-term desired outcomes. Brian’s mission is to help business executives and salespeople excel in their roles, in the short and long-term.

Our Programs

Leadership & Management

Much has been written about the importance of having well-defined mission and vision statements as an integral part of a company’s strategy. Much less has been written about the effectiveness of these statements to actually inspire and motivate employees. The human brain operates very much like an organization. Without a personal internal mission and vision statement (purpose), we are forever at the whim of whatever part of us demands immediate attention.

Sales & Influencing

Relationships are complicated and a sales relationship is further complicated by the fact that we have an agenda, and our clients know we have an agenda. What can we do to improve the results we get? To begin with, we need to understand what builds trust and what destroys it. One of the great truths in sales is; we create our reality by what we focus our attention (our thoughts) on. What are we focusing our attention on? Do we have a plan, a goal? Can we stay focused on our goal and still build trust?

The Guiding Light

This program is the outcome of 38 years of personal inquiry into the meaning of life and the years I have been privileged to work as a leadership and life coach. As we enter into this new decade, it is worth taking some time to evaluate where we are on our journey through life, where are we going, and how we’re going to get there. The challenge in setting goals is that unless we are very clear about our hidden motivations, we will find ourselves deviating from the plan or achieving the plan but feeling no lasting fulfilment.

Our Coaching

Inspiring leaders, managers, sales people and individuals to be the best ‘them’ they can be...

The greatest fulfilment is derived by aligning the individual’s core values with their goals, whether personal or professional. As a coach, my goal is to inspire leaders, managers, salespeople and individuals to be the best ‘them’ they can be.

The question is; what does the best them look like? The answer to that lies with the individual and the challenge of the coach is to help them define it and achieve it. READ MORE

What Clients Are Saying . . . 

“People always like to categorize everything. Well, Brian’s training is beyond categorization. It is a life-changing experience. You will discover your purpose and much better understand yourself. Can’t think of a more meaningful experience. I see this as a great addition to my management training so arranging now for all of our senior management and sales people to partake.”

Leon Jakimic, Executive Chairman, Lasvit - READ MORE