Leadership & Management

Mission & Vision

Much has been written about the importance of having well-defined mission and vision statements as an integral part of a company’s strategy; as a guide for creating objectives and goals, aligning to client interests, and for their ability to provide management and employees with inspiration and motivation, to achieve said goals. Much less has been written about the effectiveness of these statements to actually inspire and motivate employees.

The human brain operates very much like an organization. Without a personal internal mission and vision statement (purpose), we are forever at the whim of whatever part of us demands immediate attention. 

What is it then that commands our attention and motivates our actions?

Is it external factors, such as social position, influence and popularity or wealth?

Or is it internal factors; honesty, sincerity, humility, generosity or service towards others?

We are motivated by a mixture of all of the above, with different needs needing to be met at different times. 

Daniel Pink, in his bestselling book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, concludes that there are 3 main motivators at work; autonomy, mastery and purpose. He suggests that, for any work that involves more than the most basic cognitive challenge, financial reward systems simply do not work. In fact, they can lead to negative performance.

Guiding employees to determine their personal mission and vision statement empowers them. It helps them attain mastery over themselves. It offers them direction. It shows them how bringing the best of themselves to each moment, including each working moment, is the path to personal fulfilment. The company’s goals and the individual’s goals are then more easily aligned.


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