The Guiding Light

“This program is the outcome of 38 years of personal inquiry into the meaning of life and the years I have been privileged to work as a leadership and life coach.” 

As we enter into this new decade, it is worth taking some time to evaluate where we are on our journey through life, where are we going, and how we’re going to get there.

For many of us, setting goals usually means trying to get a better result in an area of our life that is giving us problems at the moment. Some of us will look at the different areas of our life; relationships, career, health, etc. We’ll set goals that pertain to our ideal, or what we think we can realistically achieve, we’ll create a plan of action, and then we’ll hope we can stick to it.

The challenge in setting goals is that unless we are very clear about our hidden motivations, we will find ourselves deviating from the plan or achieving the plan but feeling no lasting fulfilment. We are where we are because of who we are. Our character, conditioning, experiences, beliefs, opinions, and habits all affect the decisions we make daily. Much of the information we use is hidden from our conscious mind and much of it is limited and conflicted. Therefore, it is no surprise that some of the results we get are less than fulfilling.


• What do the great teachers, myths and legends have to teach us?
• What ‘brain furniture’ is required to sit these lessons upon?
• How does our mind work and how does this effect the results we have in our lives?
• How do we create a fulfilling life based on what is most meaningful?
• What will get in our way, such as conditioning?
• What can we learn from science?
• Is there any mystery left?