Sales & Influencing

Sales Is About Relationships

When we look at our daily actions, we may realize that much of what we do involves influencing others; whether it’s enrolling colleagues to help us, bosses to allocate time or money to a project, trying to get a raise or promotion or persuading the kids to get out of bed. Whenever we are trying to get others to part with something in exchange for what we are offering, we are selling. How effective we are will depend on our ability to understand the needs of those we are trying to influence. Relationships are complicated and a sales relationship is further complicated by the fact that we have an agenda, and our clients know we have an agenda.

What can we do to improve the results we get? 

To begin with, we need to understand what builds trust and what destroys it.
We then need to know ourselves. 

What strengths do we have?
What situations pull us out of our comfort zone and how do we prepare for this?
How do we put the clients needs first while accomplishing our goals?
How do we deal with opinions we disagree with?

One of the great truths in sales is; we create our reality by what we focus our attention (our thoughts) on. What are you focusing your attention on? Do you have a plan, a goal? Can you stay focused on your goal and still build trust?

This workshop is tailored to the needs of each group with a focus on practising proven skills & techniques for sales success


• How do we engage a client and close the deal?
• What is the purpose of a presentation?
• How do we mentally prepare for a meeting?
• What role does emotion play in a sales meeting?
• What creates, builds and sustains and what destroys sales relationships?
• What happens when we get stressed or scared and how do we prepare?
• How do our beliefs and opinions affect the results we are getting?
• What are we focusing our attention on?
• What skills will prepare us to become modern-day sales people?