What Clients Are Saying . . . 

“People always like to categorize everything. Well, Brian’s training is beyond categorization. It is a life-changing experience. You will discover your purpose and much better understand yourself. Can’t think of a more meaningful experience. I see this as a great addition to my management training so arranging now for all of our senior management and sales people to partake.”

Leon Jakimic, Executive Chairman, Lasvit


“During a period of change in my life, I was fortunate to have been able to attend Brian MacDougall's Guiding Light / Brain Furniture workshop in Hong Kong. Over the course of two-days, Brian led our group through an inspiring, thought-provoking and expansive journey, where we learnt and discussed topics, teachers, and wisdoms which he has gathered through his 30+years of exploring the question of the meaning of life. Brian's expanse of knowledge was extraordinary and fascinating, and he expertly guided us through works of classic scholars, philosophers as well as modern day thought-leaders on the challenging subjects of consciousness, meaning and growth. The workshop absolutely delivered in expanding my awareness of these complex subjects, and provided a clear and actionable plan for developing a more wholesome and conscious path of growth moving forward. Brian's knowledge, his content and his capabilities as a leader and teacher are unsurpassed and I cannot recommend his workshop enough for anyone who is looking to expand their minds and welcome positive change into their lives.” Scott Davies CEO / Catalyst


“It is impossible to isolate the most important takeaway from attending Brian’s Guiding Light workshop, there were so many. His program has a distinctive quality that sets it apart from the many professional and personal development workshops I have attended in the past. I have a fresh new way of understanding not only myself, but of how our minds work, and of understanding others. Hardware Vs Software was a key organising principle to the alternate perspectives that arose over the weekend. This course is filled with practical tools that are effective and easy to apply to life—Now. In addition, engaging in the many group discussions was extremely valuable. While we were all different, our struggles were so similar. In hearing others’ stories, I was able to discover some deeper beliefs and conditioning that was still limiting me. I left this workshop with a purpose. Feeling deeply encouraged and inspired. Today I am better equipped to meet life’s challenges and opportunities, so for me this course was simply invaluable. Brian has certainly found his niche in this space, and I would highly recommend his coaching and programs for anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves.”
Cindy Parsley Coach / C.E.A.P. / Artist


“I initially selected Brian to coach me through the creation of a 5-year plan for work. What I liked is how we expanded this to look at not just my career but also the careers of my team members and relationships with associates. There was focus on developing the skills I would need for advancement and also the skills and knowledge I would need to be a happy person. These leadership and conflict resolution skills, along with the confidence I gained, have been invaluable as I continue to rise through the organization. Over the 5-year program I was promoted twice: from Senior Associate to Vice President and then Executive Director. Most importantly, my professional success has been matched by personal fulfilment.” Krzysztof Kostienko - Executive Director at Global Investment Bank 


“Since a teenager I have sought meaning and objective truth to guide my life. Books, videos, and seminars have occasionally provided insights or vocabulary to articulate my own situation, but piecemeal food-for-thought left me unsatisfied. Brian's course, developed through lived experience and lifelong study, gave a much-desired framework set against the broadest possible context upon which my lessons could cohere and make sense. The journey of questions throughout the course was thoughtful, useful, and left me with optimism on the human condition.” - Shawn Campbell


“Working with Brian has helped me take my career to the next level. His mentorship style is the perfect combination of pushing you out of your comfort zone while guiding you through every step. You can tell he genuinely cares about his clients and wants them to succeed. “ Mae Woods Co-founder, Howbsy


A New Beginning – March 2020 “In such uncertain times, thinking about how you can create a fulfilling life, can be easily overlooked. Brian’s “A Guiding Light” workshop was very timely. It leads you on a journey, blending lessons to be learned from some of the great teachers, with role play and stimulating group discussion, which ultimately delivers a framework through which you can determine what is most meaningful and why. It was a pleasure to work with Brian in this weekend workshop. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to evaluate where they are on their journey through, and what they truly want out of, life.” Neil Roberts


I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning and questioning of life experience received through the Guiding Light course. The rich informative content and practical group exercises have left me with an understanding of myself and the world that no book or other life experiences have prior. Brian has done an excellent job guiding us through the teachings of the world’s greatest philosophers and evidence from empirical studies in a robustly structured way so that the participants could take away this “brain furniture”, customize and built upon it in pursuit of their life’s purpose. Do you know what you value most and why? - Victoria Kikhard